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Welcome to PET/CT Center of Alaska

PET/CT Center of Alaska’s mission is to provide unsurpassed patient care, advanced diagnostic imaging technology, and the highest standards of quality.



Our highly skilled team of radiologists works in partnership with your physician or specialist to help diagnose diseases and conditions that require medical images and our dedicated team of professionals are committed to offering you the best in service and care.

Lawrence P. Wood, MD

  • Attended Medical School at University Southern California
  • Completed a Diagnostic Radiology Internship at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • Completed Interventional Radiology Fellowship at the University of Michigan
  • Board Certified American College of Radiology

Julee K. Holayter, MD

  • Attended Medical School at the Oregon Health Science University
  • Board Certified American College of Radiology

Matthew Cronin, MD

  • Undergraduate school: University of California, San Diego
  • Medical school: University of California, San Diego
  • Residency institution: University of California, San Diego
  • Fellowship institution and specialty: Vascular and Interventional at Miami Vascular
  • Board Certified American College of Radiology

Jason Savikko, DO

  • Undergraduate school: Montana State University
  • Medical school: Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Residency institution: University of North Texas
  • Fellowship institution and specialty: Musculoskeletal Fellowship, University of Texas/M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
  • Board Certified American College of Radiology


Our facility provides cutting-edge technology, with professional expertise in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Our on-site, board-certified radiologists ensure high-quality imaging and accurate diagnoses.



Siemens’ Biography PET/CT scanner offers the latest imaging technology and advanced functionality to help clinicians find and characterize disease, as well as follow patient progress during and after treatment to ensure therapeutic efficacy. Siemens PET/CT scanners combine the power of hybrid imaging in one exam to enable physicians to more accurately detect and pinpoint disease.

Why have a PET/CT scan?


A PET/CT identifies optimal biopsy targets for more accurate results,
PET/CT provides more information in a single scan than the combination of conventional imaging modalities…

Why is the Preparation so important?


The radiotracer used in clinical Neurologic and Whole Body Oncologic PET is F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose, essentially a radioactive sugar. As the name implies, this is a glucose analogue and it is governed by the effects of insulin…

Patient Prep Instructions


Stop sugar intake: no fruit juice, peanut butter, jelly, jams, desserts, candy, cake, soft drinks, yogurt, cereal, chips, crackers, or artificial sweetener, Eat a high protein diet: You may eat any type of unbreaded meat, poultry,…

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If you choose PET/CT Center of Alaska we will do everything in our power to serve you in your diagnostic needs. We are here to serve you. If there is anything we can do for you at anytime please do not hesitate to call or email us.

We are the only PET facility in Alaska with the True V technology.